Guide to Camping in Maui

Mistakes To Avoid While Camping In Maui

When many people envision enjoying the outdoors in Maui, the first thing that comes to mind is the beaches. With that said, this is a great location for people who would like to camp and explore what the area has to offer. Before you grab your hiking gear and head out, it would be great to take note of all of the things that need to be avoided while you are on your excursion.

Forgetting To Leave A Tent Flap Open

It is hot in many parts of Maui and these high temps often come with uncomfortable levels of humidity. If you sleep in your tent all night without leaving a flap open on your tent, it is likely you will be very restless through the night and bathed in a ridiculous amount of sweat. If you are worried about pests, spray the outside of your tent liberally with insect repellent before turning in for the night.

Being Unprepared For Mongoose

Camping in Maui comes with a bunch of small surprises – mongoose. If you are someone with a serious aversion to small animals, you should thoroughly prepare yourself before you head out to a campsite. The woods is riddled with them and being unprepared means that you may be in for a very surprising and uncomfortable trip.

Bringing One Blanket Along

Depending on where you are camping, temperatures can change drastically at night. For instance, a place that is more than 90 degrees during the day can be rather chilly once the evening hits. To be on the safe side, you should bring two blankets with you. One should have the ability to keep you warm; fleece is a great option. Alternatively, the other blanket should be light to provide cover on nights that are fairly mild.

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Not Considering Guided Camping

You may be used to camping in your local area, but Maui is a whole new ballgame. Instead of attempting this on your own, you should consider a guided camping trip. This is when a Maui camping guide company plans all of the details for you and the only thing you are tasked with is showing up. While some people do not like the idea of a trip that is not organic, others may appreciate being able to enjoy a new place with no worries. You also have the option of camping rental equipment as well. This will save tons of room on your packing and airline bag check-ins.

Expecting Great Cell Phone Service

There are some campsites in Maui where it is possible to get a connection on your cell phone, but they are spotty at best. Before you head on your trip, let everyone know that you may be difficult, if not impossible, to reach. In some locations, like Haleakala crater, where there isn’t any service at all. Plan ahead so you are not inconvenienced by the lack of service.

Even if you have gone camping numerous times, there is nothing that can compare to doing so in a place like Maui. If you want to have a great experience, you should try your best to avoid making any of the mistakes mentioned here.

Best Islands For A Vacation Destination

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Best Islands for Vacation

When you are booking your vacation you may start to think about where to go and what you can do. However, if you are looking for a trip to the islands you will often think about which island has the best beaches, the best food, and even easy access to the island. That is why you will want to know about the best islands for a vacation destination. Then you will be able to take your trip and know you have made the right choice because you have found paradise. With that being said, here are our top three island destinations.

The Caymans is a great island chain that has quite a bit going for them. They caymansare in a great climate area, they have some amazing beaches, but even better they have a lot of island beauty. By island beauty, we mean more of the look and appeal that is going to lead to the islands starting to get the great look you want and allow for exploration of the island. What else is great is the culture here is very real and present, but it is a focal point for the island and the tourist industry that has made this one of the most popular destinations.

Bali is an exotic land of mystery and it is one that you are going to fall in love Bali resortwith. The island is part of Indonesia, which is an island in its own right, but it is part of the chain that has a lot of resorts, some great food, and takes the culture of the Indonesian people very seriously as this makes it easier for you to have a great time because you have so many different things to do and so many resorts to pick from when you are traveling to Bali.

Finally, you will find that Hawaii makes our list as well. This is one place that is seen more as a tourist type of trap area, but it does have a lot of cultural places for you to enjoy as well. There are four main islands to visit the Big Island, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai. These four islands each have their unique vibe and surely everyone can find the Hawaii island that suits them best. Maui vacation home rentals are becoming well sought after over the highly crowded resorts. Consider booking a condo or vacation home rental. The food will be more along the lines of what you are used to eating, but it will have a higher price tag. The best part is you can enjoy the beaches almost anywhere on the island chain, but also have a chance go out and look at the different aspects of nature as well with some plant species only being found here.

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Being able to enjoy a trip to the islands often starts with finding the right island to check out. Since this is the case, we have ranked what we feel are the three best islands for a vacation destination. By knowing about these three great islands you will know where to book your trip and know you are not going to be disappointed in what you can do here. The main thing that you will find is you are going to need to make sure you book in advance as these islands are very popular and fill up quickly.